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   Few Turkish words :

Merhaba =Hello     Günaydin = Good Morning 

Mersi =Thanks 

Lütfen = Please 

Hoscakalin = Bye..  

 Iyi aksamlar = Good Evening        

Ne kadar ? How much 

Cok güzel = Very nice  

Polis = Police

 Konsolosluk =Consulate

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TIP: In TURKEY,  there are many scuba diving schools..where you may make a 3 days  International PADI licensed  course while you are doing your holiday... not bad, no ? Hmmm... might costs you about USD 250.- max.       


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Do's and Don'ts in Turkey           

Do see the movie Gallipoli, starring Australian Mel Gibson, for background on the terrible battle on Turkish soil.

The simplest way to get rid of pestering salesmen and coastal Romeos requires no language skills at all—just tilt your head back quickly, close your eyes and lift your eyebrows. It isn't rude—it just means "not interested" and works like a charm.

In the certain part of the country, you may have to dress  conservatively , if you're a woman traveling alone in Turkey.

Do not back away from a price you've offered when bargaining—its considered extremely rude not to buy something after stating or accepting a price. Do bargain hard. If you are trying to buy a rug, you should offer 60%-70% of the asking price. 

Do be on time for appointments.

Do remove shoes before entering mosques and observe a respectful silence. Wear clothing that covers your legs and upper arms (which means no shorts or sleeveless shirts). Women should carry scarves to cover their heads.

A detailed foreigner web page about TURKEY... have a look 

For  scuba lovers...  HERE  bring your mask & snorkelns  ! 


MY favorite place :   Dalyan - Happy Caretta Hotel(in german)

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